Cabana Man
The name came about because of my ‘tropical’ bar.  My obsession with the tropics brought about a home tiki bar that got the nick name, “The Cabana.”  So when I started making music, Cabana Man seemed to fit.  My musical influences are rather varied, so it’s hard to say what my genre is.  Given my tropical attitude, Jimmy Buffet is rather prominent, but I like all kinds of genre.  Well, okay, not all…

I’ve always loved music, I just never thought I’d be making music.  But once the court order was dropped, I knew there was nothing holding me back any more.  Actually, it started from having tropical Christmas parties every year.  On a whim, I changed the lyrics of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  That led to another song… and another… and another…  So, I decided to get some friends together and make a CD titled, “Beach Bum Santa.”  I had so much fun, I decided to make another CD, Time For A Change.

Towel Dude
Even though the tunes and lyrics are mine, none of this would have happened without my good friend, Bill Feldmann, aka Towel Dude.  Bill has played in numerous bands for decades… The Wasted Rangers, Johnny And The Distractions… The Feppo Brothers…  he was inducted in the Oregon Music Hall Of Fame for his work with The Distractions.  Working with him is fun.  I sing a song to him, he figures it out on the guitar, makes it more musically structured… next thing we know, we’ve got a song neither one of us would have made on our own.  To quote Towel Dude, “I couldn’t do it without you, you couldn’t do it without me, but neither one of us knows how we did it.”

The Bar Bums
Once we’ve got the songs figured out, we invite our friends to the studio to lay down some tracks…  Steve Adams on Bass, Billy Feldmann on drums, Roger Hadley on percussion… others are noted on each CD for helping, but these guys bring so much to the collaboration I have to mention them.  I love being surrounded by talent!

The Cabana
I love music, but I’m more about the party and giving people a fun time.  That’s why I created The Cabana.  My faux tropical escape here in the northwest.  Every summer I throw a few parties, play a little music, pour a few drinks…  So far, no complaints.  Check out the pics and videos.  Keep an eye on my facebook so you’ll know when the next party is.  Or if you just find yourself in my neck of the woods, look me up and I’ll pour you a drink!